Unforgettable Moment in My Life: Sea kayaking in the Gulf of Ajaccio

Ajaccio, Corsica

It takes you discover the beauties of the Gulf of Ajaccio in a fun and unusual way, by sea kayak with the best inflatable kayak! Trus me, it will be an unforgettable moment in your life. Sea kayaking is the perfect way to discover the hidden treasures of unspoilt coastline, plus activity is available to everyone. While en route to the peninsula of Isolella, south of the Gulf of Ajaccio, and the adventure begins!

I take advantage of this article to give you my advice as to accommodate you and restore you to Ajaccio.

I had already enjoyed Corsica seaside by zodiac motor in Porto Ota. This time, I chose a slightly more sporting activity again, sea kayaking.


After an introduction to navigation by tour guider, I and my friend went into  two-seater kayaks. We will follow the coast along the peninsula of Isolella. Kayaking is an endurance sport. We need to find his rhythm. Two-seater kayak, paddle must harmoniously.

This is the escape in a few paddle strokes aboard this lightweight and silent craft. It winds through the rocks without much effort. In fact, the effort is constant but not violent. One can paddle several hours a day without problems. Noiselessly, kayaks cut through the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea. We feel in harmony with nature.

At the tip of the peninsula of Isolella, some pink granite islands form a small archipelago called Sette Nave, the seven naves. This is one of the curiosities of the ride.


A legend says that a long time ago seven galleys and crew carriers of the plague were petrified by Saint-Roch invoked by the terrified shepherds. 7 galleys and transformed into rocks facing the waves for eternity.

Sea kayaking is THE good plan to take full advantage of the Corsican coastline. Cors’Aventure also also offers kayak tours over several days. In all cases, do not forget to hydrate yourself regularly and put on sunscreen. The hat is not bad either, right?

If you are lucky as me have optimum weather with blue skies and calm seas when the day promises to be unforgettable. But to stay in the Gulf of Ajaccio to enjoy sea kayaking activity or so many others?

Ajaccio is a very nice city. We felt as soon as we got off the plane. The airport is also very close to town. Barely 1 kilometer traveled by rental car, we drive along the Mediterranean already enjoying a beautiful view of the Gulf and the Napoleonic city.
After a few minutes, we enter a city on a human scale. We park near the Palace of Congress in Ajaccio. Luckily, our apartment is in the heart of the old center.
The atmosphere is rather casual. In Ajaccio, we enjoyed our visit foreign area on the good advice of the Tourist Office of Ajaccio. We will also recommend the Morning Market Place palms.

Where to drink and eat in Ajaccio?

We really enjoyed the atmosphere of Vino del diablo (Devil Wine) in Ajaccio. Located on the port of the Admiralty, the hotel is original because it brings together in a single location restaurant, bar, evening and concert. We shared a wonderful evening with other travelers bloggers here. Rather quiet in the early evening and crowded when the music wakes. Friendly atmosphere and friendly staff. That evening, a good plancha was tested with cold cuts and cheeses made in Corsica, accompanied by a great Corsican wine.

Where to stay in or around Ajaccio?

We found a small apartment ideal for two people in the heart of Ajaccio. This 1-bedroom apartment has the gift of being quiet in the historic center. Besides being charming and beautifully decorated, it was completely renovated recently. The last coat of paint had been spent during our visit. Suddenly, everything is new, impeccably arranged. Beautiful hardwood floors, beautiful kitchen area, bedroom area very nice too. Side bathroom, it is very convenient with its shower area well thought out. Small least for the sink-side chamber located opposite the bed. A nice encounter.

One can reach the hotel by car, by bus but by boat or by helicopter. An upscale hotel with a beautiful Mediterranean garden where you can relax and even its own sandy beach. A real favorite.
And do you know what room of the Sofitel has the largest terrace? This is the 140! And yet a good plan!


Ajaccio was really a nice surprise during our trip in South Corsica and not talking of happiness we have felt starting in the discovery of part of the Corsican coastline by sea kayak. The Island’s beauty has never finished to intrigue and amaze us. So when you go to Corsica?

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Singapore on a stopover – What to do?

Stopover in Singapore

If you pass me by like Singapore on a stopover, here’s what you can visit if you stay at least 5 hours on site between flights. and Here is my advice, tips, and tricks to facilitate the organization of your stopover in Singapore.

Side visits, I focused on the area of Marina Bay. It will make you plunge into the heart of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, an exclusive tour I will share here, but also relax visiting the Gardens by the bay, the sublime garden Singapore with its huge tropical greenhouses. I still remember the beautiful illuminations of the neighborhood at night and its fireworks set to music. There are several other neighborhoods not to miss. I will discover them during the next stops in Singapore.

Singapore on a stopover – on what terms?

The administrative conditions

To enjoy the visit to Singapore on a stopover, there must be a break of at least 5-6 hours. I had a 20 hours between Singapore and Bali and have therefore had plenty of time to soak up a city I dreamed to discover.
When you enter a 30-day visa is issued free of charge and without any formality. The passport is then enough to visit Singapore, on the sole condition that it is still valid six months

A good plan to visit the city of Singapore for free

Changi Airport Singapore offers free tours of the city of 2:30 under certain conditions. Read more about Free Singapore Tour at Changi Airport

How to get from the airport to the city center of Singapore?

There are 3 different ways to get to downtown Singapore. The bus, underground and taxi.

  • With 5 metro lines very modern and very practical, I opt for the subway for all our trips. Ticket price: S $ 2.60 at 06/28/2015. But be careful because the last train to the airport is around 23 h.
  • The taxi from the Singapore Changi Airport and Marina Bay Sands cost between $ 23 and S 49.
  • As for the bus, the bus 36 which exits the airport for about S $ 2.50.

Note: all updates in 2015

What to do in Singapore on a stopover?

Exclusive tour of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel


The futuristic and luxurious Marina Bay Sands quickly became the landmark building in Singapore. This super structure has always fascinated me.

The hotel is actually made up of three 55-storey towers connected at the top by a surfboard-shaped SkyParkcan accommodate nearly 4,000 people. Up there, there is an unusual pool, cafes and renowned restaurants and even the countryside.

I were treated to an exceptional and private tour of the luxury hotel the most spectacular of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. I admired the panoramic view of Singapore besides the dream pool at the top of the hotel, the SkyPark.also visited the Presidential Suite of the hotel. I want to thank the hotel staff that allowed me to live this privileged visit.

That is the big moment arrives, I leave the subway station and we are facing the architectural monster with elegant forms, I reassure you! Before starting the tour, I specify with big numbers that I are in a hotel of2600-98% rooms and suites occupied the day of our visit.
I are well along in one of the elevators of the 5-star hotel. Arrived in seconds on the 52nd floor of the hotel which has 57, the doors to the 5298 result are open to me. A very spacious suite is unique in addition to this superb grand piano in the living room that faces the bay of Singapore, to have a second sight, the first of the bay then, and the second to the Gardens by the Bay. There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and obviously all the comforts to spend a luxurious stay in Singapore. For more information on this truly unique hotel in the world and the various rooms offered (as it is also less expensive around € 300)

I will then resume the elevator and go up 5 floors to get to the SkyPark and enjoy the view from the panoramic terrace at the summit this hotel. The view is particularly striking precisely from the infinity pool. Top up there, is that you can have a drink and even eat while enjoying an unforgettable and magical panoramic view of Singapore.
Please note that access to the interior of the hotel is allowed only to clients of the institution. It is the same to make a splash in the infinity pool which is still the highest in the world! I can still access the Skypark to admire the view by buying a ticket at $ 20 there or enjoying the finest of Asian cuisine restaurants of Marina Bay Sands EC THE SKY or VI is 57. Another option, a drink in Flight Bar & Lounge. What to spend an incredible time!

On the ground floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel are a massive shopping arcade, restaurants, and a casino that will delight tourists worldwide. It’s like being in Las Vegas.

The greenhouse of the Cloud Forest Gardens by the Bay or the mysterious forest


Before to visit the Marina Bay Sands hotel, I got lost in the paths that wind amidst the tropical gardens of the extraordinary Gardens by the Bay.

I finally arrived to face a first dome, a futuristic greenhouse facing the Marina Bay Sands, the Cloud Forest. You could call the mysterious forest. With bridges, I reached the top of a mountain 35 meters high. The forest around us is composed of sometimes very rare species that seem to like the humidity of the impressive waterfall facing me as soon as one enters the greenhouse and that is the conductive path of the visit.
My opinion: Impressive, do not miss.

Greenhouse Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay or permanent spring

When I arrive at the entrance to the Flower Dome, a greenhouse again huge, I are immediately charmed by the abundance of flowers. It is the eternal spring here!

And the ceiling is so high you almost forget that you are in a greenhouse. Tropical or Mediterranean species in abundance. I stroll amidst the flower beds that tell us a History.
My opinion: Unmissable and beautiful complement to the greenhouse Cloud Forest.

The giant trees of the Gardens by the Bay

The giant trees appear as straight out of a science fiction movie. And you soon realize why they have become one of the emblems of Singapore. They set the scene, it is the case to say
One can get high amount in trees and wandering on more or less high bridges that connect the giant trees.

At night, the tall trees of 25-50 meters light up the time of a sound and light show accessible to all. Moreover, it is confirmed, there is in the world!

Access to the Gardens by the Bay Singapore Garden is free both day and night. The entrances to greenhouses and access gateways giant trees are for their pay.

The mall at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes

At the feet of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the shopping mall The Shoppes, everything goes shopping side. The largest luxury brands to the most casual brands are present here. There’s something for everyone and especially for all budgets.

The interior of the Shoppes is really nice. Waterfall from a ceiling dome. Surprising. The reconstruction of a Venice canal with his boat and the Venetian tourists strolling between two purchases. You can also go to the Casino or try one of the many international restaurants run by some great chefs. For tighter budgets, go to the food court of the mall.

The Water and Lights night show in Marina Bay Sands


At nightfall, a dazzling night show starts at the foot of Marina Bay Sands. Fireworks, hologram projections appear and disappear like magic in the middle of the show incredible water jets.

My opinion: Impressive, even magical moving especially if one attends at the end of the call. Just after, do not miss the free LIVE concert by an excellent orchestra of Jazz, at the entrance of the mall facing the water jets.

Final Thought

The hours run and our 20 hours of call ends. I really enjoyed visiting Singapore and lost in the district of Marina Bay Sands. Take off to Bali, now takes place in a few hours while steering the Singapore Changi International Airport by metro. Just before boarding I will cool off.

These 20 hours stopover in Singapore were rich in emotion. I obviously do not have any side saw visits to this multifaceted city. I were really tired and exhausted after the big stops of 20 hours in Singapore. I will confess that even fallen asleep in the middle of the park Gardens of the Bay on a bench in the shade of a tree and never be bothered by the afternoon … until the noise sudden and deafening of fighters who have gone right over our heads. I obviously startled and is remembered as the year 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the independence of Singapore. So good Birthday Singapore!

There are many other areas to discover Singapore. You know? Share with me and our reader!

Essential Health Tips for Travelers

8 health tips when travelling

In fact, very few precautions are needed for a trip without problems…

“Prevention is still the safest and smartest way to minimize or even avoid, a vast network of setbacks …”

People who travel abroad or make long trips have 50% chance of suffering diseases related to travel. Although most diseases acquired while traveling is mild and transient in nature, some very serious infectious diseases are endemic in certain places.

All travelers should be prepared for the journey and aware of the issues and measures to protect against the unexpected.

Far from being a definitive guide on the subject, the following tips may serve as an initial roadmap for some precautions we should take these times. Clarification is still the best weapon against the evils of ignorance.

Remember, losing a little time as a precaution worth much more than a maximum time convalescing in a bed.

Health Tips Before Travelling

There are several things you can do to prepare, even in order to ensure or increase the chances that you have in fact a healthy walk.

And to get started:

  • Make a medical check-up, make sure you are healthy before you travel;
  • Update your vaccinations and report on other required immunizations;
  • Prepare a kit of medicines for you and the family. Make sure to take enough of the medicine you need. If necessary ask your doctor prescribed. Remember, in some countries buy medicine is not a simple thing and only with local medical prescription;
  • Hire a travel insurance that includes the necessary assistance if you need hospital;
  • Make a dental checkup;
  • Examine the view, take sunglasses and if you use prescription eyeglasses, take an extra.

Medical Checkup


You should take vaccines or drugs to protect against diseases such as typhoid fever, hepatitis or malaria. Indeed, some countries require travelers take certain vaccines as Yellow Fever.
As certain vaccines need to be taken weeks or months before you travel, it is best to consult your doctor six to eight weeks before you go.
However, if you need to travel on short notice, you can still take some vaccines. Your doctor may advise what they are in compliance with:


  • Your medical history and age;
  • Your destination and accommodation;
  • The time of year that you travel;
  • The length of stay;
  • The type of trip, i.e., bus tour, airline, cruise or backpack.

Tips for elderly travelers

For seniors, the risk of death from serious illnesses while traveling is the same, and in some cases even lower than being at home.

Remember the metabolism and the time zone, even in local trips. A fast half-day, even as a way to suit the time zone, for those who can, is valid. Water quality is another factor that must be taken seriously, and that is often neglected.

If possible, prefer bottled water of a type with which you are already used to. Also, prefer those with the pH above 8. Check the label on the bottle, this information there is very explicit.

However, it is important to plan, and before traveling, seniors should take into consideraração some points.

  • Consult your doctor for a check-up and ask about his conditioning for the planned trip;
  • Ask your dentist and your eye doctor;
  • Take an extra pair of glasses, medicines you need and a small medical kit;
  • Organize a safe journey, including the necessary assistance if you need to go to the hospital; make sure that this plan covers emergency medical transport (ambulance);
  • Make sure you are up to date with immunizations and vaccinate against pneumonia and flu;
  • Think of the return journey – use bags with wheels;
  • Take appropriate clothing to keep out the weather.



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TOP places you MUST visit when traveling to Rome (Part III)

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TOP places you MUST visit when traveling to Rome (Part I)

TOP places you MUST visit when traveling to Rome (Part II)

11. Campo dei Fiori


Campo dei Fiori is one of the oldest markets in the city. The name of this place literally means flower fields. Indeed, in the beginning, and because of the proximity of the Tiber, Campo dei Fiori Square was in the middle of nature, and the only monument was around Santa Brigada church. It is from the thirteenth century Palace, and other buildings rose around the square that was then paved. Instead remained over the centuries a center of life and shops. You can see the names of the streets around the Campo dei Fiori, which bear the name of various trades.
Today, instead of the Campo dei Fiori has two faces. During the day, the market is still bustling. It juggles the fishmongers stalls, vendors of fruit and vegetables and of course florists. In the evening, the place turns into a gathering of Roman youth. It is found in the square and adjacent streets, a multitude of cafes, restaurants and wine bars.

Where to drink?

Close to the place, here is a very nice wine bar:
Il Piccolo, No. 74 Via del Governo Vecchio
Good wine. Perfect to drink a glass in the evening.

12. Visit the Capitol and its museums


Capitol is actually a hill, one of seven of the city, and was the religious center and the power center of the city. There are museums and monument to Victor Emmanuel II (see photo), a symbol of Italian unity.
Do not miss the central square, Piazza del Campidoglio, one of the most impressive squares in Rome. It is reached by a broad staircase guarded by two giant statues of Castor and Pollux with their horses. The square itself was designed by Michelangelo to 1530. In the Renaissance period, several buildings were added to the table: the Palazzo Nuovo, Palazzo Senatorio and the Palace of the Conservatives. The palace now house the Capitoline Museums, Museum of Art and Archaeology. In the center of the Capitol Square enthroned a large statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback, and the famous statue of the she-wolf with Romulus and Remus.

13. Shopping around the Spanish Steps


Very chic, the Spanish Steps or Piazza di Spagna is known as a meeting place and the neighborhood where shopping! Visit Rome because it is also succumb to the charm of Italian fashion. It is found near the famous steps many haute couture houses. The buildings surrounding the square are elegant and colorful. At the foot of the stairs, there is a Bernini fountain. The 138 steps leading up to the Trinità dei Monti is dominated by the church of the same name. To enjoy a panoramic view of Rome, you turn left up the stairs and walk a few meters. We discover a view is breathtaking! You can continue this road; it will lead you to the Villa Medici and Borghese Park (No. 9 of the Top 15 tours not to miss in Rome).
For fans of shopping, here are some useful and practical information:

  • Go Via Condotti for luxury brands,
  • Go Via del Corso to find all the big names,
  • Go Via del Governo to unearth the latest creative works.

14. Visit the San Lorenzo


The San Lorenzo neighborhood is home to no first class monument but is ideal if you are visiting Rome from another angle. If you want to stroll through an atypical and bohemian area away from mass tourism, come lose yourself in the streets of San Lorenzo district very popular with fans of street art!
Near Termini Station and several universities, the area has become the benchmark for students and young artists. San Lorenzo is bordered by the railway, by the remains of the Aurelian Wall and the University La Sapienza. This landlocked district suffered massive damage during the 2nd World War.
In the evening, San Lorenzo becomes a pedestrian area. The weekend evenings, the atmosphere is festive at every street corner.
San Lorenzo has become the benchmark many street artists. Graffiti adorn many walls. Between the tags Pop Art-inspired colorful, political messages and graphics stores stores (traders also use the tags on the shutters of their windows, often with humor), a ride in San Lorenzo is a real dive in world of Street Art.

Where to eat in the neighborhood?

La Taverna di San Lorenzo. Largo Degli Osci, No. 22, near the central market. Home cooking.
It Gelataccio. Via Dei Volsci, No. 50. Excellent craftsmanship glacier area. The ice cream is delicious and cheap.

15. Visit Rome and enjoy a good pizza!


When you think pizza is believed to Italy. And when we think of Italy, they think of Rome. And yes, it is particularly in Rome found the best pizza in the world! So we obviously can not miss out on the Italian gastronomy hand when visiting Rome.
The Roman pizzas are known to have a thin crust and tasty, fresh and organic ingredients and original toppings.


Update my lastest travel guide articles here

TOP places you MUST visit when traveling to Rome (Part II)

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05. Visit Piazza Navona


Elevated to a baroque masterpiece by Bernini, the magnificent square houses Palaces, and churches but it is the fountains that hold the attention of tourists. The giant fountain of four rivers (Fontana dei Fiumi) is the most majestic.
For pedestrians, the square is always busy, and there is often a festive atmosphere reign. Tourists but also the Roman go there willingly. Everyone lingers at the beauty of the buildings ice by hand or from the terraces and enjoy a good espresso. During the day, many portraitists have settled on this place, as in Montmartre.

06. Visit the Trevi Fountain


World-famous Trevi Fountain attracts many tourists at all hours of the day or night and plays the game all the ritual of throwing part that according to popular legend assures to return one day trip to Rome. And that’s what happened to me;) Be aware that more than 1 million euros are thrown into the fountain each year. The municipality of Rome recovers rooms every morning after having emptied the Trevi Fountain, of course under police protection. The money is redistributed to charitable missions.

The decor features the sea god Neptune emerging from the waves and his chariot drawn by sea horses.

When we admire the Trevi Fountain, one thinks immediately of the scene of the Fellini film, La Dolce Vita, where the actress Anita Ekberg enjoying the cool water of the fountain in front Marcello Mastroianni. An excellent classic film to see or review!

At last trip to Rome in June 2014, the fountain was restored. Work will continue at least until 2015. It is the Italian luxury brand Fendy that supports restoration costs. Other major monuments such as the Colosseum know now the same fate. The municipality partners with private companies, according to her only way to preserve its rich cultural heritage.

It should be noted that a broad range of souvenirs shops, restaurants, trattorias and cafes frequented by tourists are located in the neighborhood.

07. Visit the castle and the Sant’Angelo Bridge



Not far from the Vatican, the ancient mausoleum of Hadrian was in turn a fortress, barracks, a prison and finally a public museum. A long corridor leads from Castel Sant’Angelo to the Vatican. Again moviegoers will remember scenes from the film Angels and Demons where the castle is one of the principal places of the plot.

More than the Castle, the Sant’Angelo bridge to be particularly appreciated. This magnificent bridge is adorned with ten white marble angels, works by Bernini.

08. Visit Trastevere


Here is a less touristy area and one of my favorite spots in Rome. This area is located on the other side of the Tiber, on the south shore. This maze of narrow streets, squares come alive at night. Many bars and restaurants are present around the heart of the neighborhood symbolized by the church Santa Maria in Trastevere. In a few years, Trastevere has become the fashionable district of Rome.

I also advise you to climb the Janiculum hill where a beautiful shady walk awaits. From Piazza Garibaldi, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the old center of Rome.

Where to eat in the area?

Café 67 on the corner of Via della Luce and Vicolo del Buco.
Panini to 2.50 euros
Pizzeria and Trattoria nearby

09. Visit Borghese park

Borghese park rome

In contrast to the Trastevere, north of the Spanish Steps, is the largest and most beautiful park in Rome. This is a perfect tour to relax and enjoy the natural gardens and various water points.
The highlight of the park is the lake that houses the temple to Aesculapius that can be seen close by renting a boat.
The Park also houses several museums such as the Borghese gallery not to be missed if you like sculptures. The place is home to the finest private collection in Rome. In addition, coming from the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna), you can access the park past the Villa Medici that I unfortunately can not visit, but the facade is worth a look.

Where to eat in the area?Paninis in many stands in the park: 3,50 euros

10. Visit Aventino

This district, which is actually a hill, is love at the heart of our last trip to Rome.

If you want to wander off the beaten track, it invites you to relive this walk I tested. Follow my journey that starts at the Circo Massimo metro station. The Circus Maximus is worth seeing. This ancient hippodrome hosted chariot races. It remains today not much, but the site remains an important gathering place in Rome during popular demonstrations. For the record, it is the Circo Massimo that we lived the final France-Italy 2006 World Cup football. Atmosphere guaranteed!

Then mounted on top of the hill by the Via di Valle Murcia, where from April to June you can stroll through the rose gardens that line the paved road. Once on top of the hill in the park orange, the atmosphere is entirely different from the rest of the Eternal City. The neighborhood is home to beautiful villas and a few churches with unique charm. Once in the garden with orange trees, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view over the historic center.

A hundred meters away, the Church of Santa Sabina and its adjacent park invite to culture and relaxation.

Higher up, at the end of Via di Santa Sabina, stop at the front door to the piazza di Malta Cavalieri and look through the keyhole. You will be entitled to as I was a frankly incredible view of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. The thing to do on the site is, of courses to capture this view with a camera.

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TOP places you MUST visit when traveling to Rome (Part I)

Welcome to our blog 911 Travel Guide. Are you planning a travel to Rome? What are places you think should not to miss when come to Rome? Things to see and do for a weekend  in Rome? To help you prepare your next stay in Rome, follow the advice of my travel blog. I offer indeed in this article the TOP of the best visits (but not only) in Rome. Do not forget to check the weather before you leave. At the end of the article, do not miss to comment or share with me what make you wonder or your experiences about Rome


After several times in Rome and especially during my trip for two months from Rome to Istanbul I decided to offer this guide, hope that, this will help you so much when you are in Rome 😉

Rome, the Eternal city is a veritable outdoor museum. At once romantic, historic and captivating, Rome is unique and like no other European city. This is the perfect destination for a getaway to Europe on a long journey. In 3-4 days, you will already have a good overview of the gems contained in the Italian capital. And I always like to come back to Rome (especially if you threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain), because there is always something new to discover: a place, a museum, a trattoria. In addition, the city is easily explored on foot, especially in its historic center. And the transportation side, there are two metro lines very practical and safe serving more major places of interest.

The first advice I can give is not to multiply the visits and take your time to soak up the atmosphere of Rome. Feel the rhythm of la dolce vita by strolling through the narrow streets inthe center between visits. Sit on the terrace to enjoy an ice cream (gelato) or a coffee. It is the Roman atmosphere, and not to mention the many trattorias where to taste pasta and pizza without moderation…

That’s it, you already salivate;) then i will go for my of the main visits in Rome:

01. Visit the Vatican (Place and St. Peter’s Basilica, museums and Sistine Chapel)

Visit Vatican Guide

The residence of the Popes is a state in the city. Home to 11 museums with major works of art, the famous Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the huge square of the same name that can accommodate thousands of pilgrims, the Vatican is Christianity’s center of gravity in the world. You will need a good day to visit the set that very busy throughout the year. So stay tuned! Full tips I give you in this blog to make your Rome trip more enjoyable to visits).

Visit St. Peter’s Square:

Saint Peter Square and Saint Peter Basilica in the Morning, Vatican City, Rome, Italy
Saint Peter Square and Saint Peter Basilica in the Morning, Vatican City, Rome, Italy

This place was built to allow as many people to see the Pope during his speeches from the balcony of his apartment. It is 340 meters long and 240 meters wide. The square is surrounded by 284 huge columns and 88 pillars giving the impression that the St. Peter’s Basilica encloses me in his arms. Above these columns, 140 statues of saints dominate the place. This is the Bernini was commissioned in 1656 to achieve this really impressive together.

During Sunday Mass, at noon, the square is packed with people.

It’s a Wednesday I went to St Peter’s Square, the Pope was present and gave great special Mass just at that moment. At the end of the blessing, I waited for the square empty and we had the chance to see the Pope Francis I (Papa Francesco) very closely, in his Popemobile.

Visit St. Peter’s Basilica


Inseparable from the namesake square, the basilica is truly impressive. We realize the proportions of the nave and dome only once inside the building. The main nave (including the porch) measuring 211 meters long and the arms of the cross 150 meters wide. You can admire some 450 statues, 500 columns and 50 altars. The canopy is meanwhile as high as a 10 storey building! We really impress in this Basilica that can accommodate up to 60,000 people! Linger in the middle of this architectural splendor before the statue of St. Peter, the feet worn by the kisses of the faithful and to the cave housing the tombs of several popes who succeeded.

Admission to the St. Peter’s Basilica is free. Proper attire is required. No shorts or capri pants for men. Excessively short skirts for women are banned.

Opening hours: The church is open from 7 to 18h (19h in summer). Please note that the basilica is closed during religious services.

My good plans to avoid the rush hours:

Go from the opening before the first groups who arrive around 8:30.
For travelers who are not in the morning, you are given another option that avoids in all cases the tail. Book online tour of the necropolis (€ 13) located under the Basilica. So you pass everyone and in addition the visit is very interesting. The tour is limited to 250 visitors a day.
Otherwise, without pay and being a bit resourceful, the Sistine Chapel, just follow the tour groups with guides to pass through the exit that leads directly to the entrance of the Basilica. This is an effective way to not have to redo the tail.

Visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.


The ancient palace of the Popes built from the eighteenth century is now home to one of the largest concentrations of art of Classical and Renaissance in the world. In there I admire an impressive amount of facilities and works including Raphael, Caravaggio, Pinturicchio, etc. The visit is channeled and ultimately good because it is almost impossible to see everything in one visit as the museum is huge. So keep some strengths for the highlight of which is the end of the visit. This is the famous Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms. And by the way, do not forget to look up to admire its very famous ceiling on many posters and postcards.
Rates: 16 euros (full price) and 8 euros reduced price
Opening time (Update from the moment I visited):
Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Saturday from 8:45 to 12:20
Free on the last Sunday of the month from 8:45 to 12:20. Good plan 😉

My tips to avoid the rush hour:

Know that there are no queuing tickets that can save you valuable time to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

02. Visit the Colosseum

visit tips to cossoleum, rome

It is the major tourist attraction in Rome and one of the symbols of Rome. And it is one of the least well-preserved monuments. The Colosseum has survived the ages and events such as earthquakes or looting. However, we feel there all the history of this mythical place and fights and games that were taken place in ancient Rome.

More than 55,000 spectators came to watch gladiator fights or massacres, making it the largest amphitheater in the Roman world. Inaugurated in 80, the last show unrolled in 523.

Price: € 12 (full price) and € 7.50 for European 18-24. Free for minors and more than 65 years (update 2014)

Opening hours: Daily from 8:30 am until 1 hour before sunset (4:30 p.m in winter and 6:30 p.m  in summer). The ticket office closes 1 hour before closing the Coliseum.

The valid entry ticket also entitles two days visiting the Roman Forum and Palatino – the garden overlooking the forum. This is also a pleasant walk in a shady site through lush pine. As from the 7 hills of the city, from there you can enjoy a magnificent view over the rooftops of Rome.

My tips: 

Visit the Colosseum before 10am. You’ll have more chance to avoid endless queue that exists outside the entrance to the Colosseum.
You can also opt for the Roma Pass, a card that allows you to visit in peace.

Where to eat near the Colosseum? Meet at the Trattoria Luzzi in Laterano, 88.

The pizzas cost around 7 euros. Very good, cheap, local family atmosphere. These are the best pizzas I had eaten in Rome during our various stays. So go ahead with your closed eyes;)

03. Visit the Forum


Unable to come to Rome without visiting its ancient Forum or at least to observe it from the outside.

This maze of ruins gives me a unique journey to the heart of ancient Rome. However nothing is indicated to navigate then it is best to prepare well before visiting to make it more interesting. Most history buffs can register for a guided tour to learn more about this unique place.

The Forum is organized around People’s Square (Comitium). Do not miss the Arch of Septimius Severus, whose reliefs evoke the victories of the Roman armies, the 8 columns of the temples of Saturn or the House of the Vestals, the guardians of the sacred fire immortalized by statues that guard the courtyard.

Opening hours: daily from 9h to 19h

Two accesses are possible, via Dei Fiori Imperiali or the via Sacra.

04. Visit the Pantheon


This monumental building is perhaps the best preserved ancient monument in Rome and one who has gone through the various spiritual and religious currents. Originally built to venerate the gods from Roman mythology, it was then reworked repeatedly to eventually become the seventh century a Christian church.

This is undoubtedly the imposing dome that holds the attention from the inside as from the different perspectives offered by the hills of Rome. Height equal to its diameter, i.e more than 43 meters, the dome is the biggest dome ever built by humans. The central skylight attracts attention and gives a unique brightness to this place.

The central hall of the temple, called the Rotonda by the Romans, is home to many tombs of kings (Vittorio Emanuele II) and artists (Raphael).

The visit is free. I recommend to walk in the area around the Pantheon that houses many trattorias, cafés and restaurants.

Opening time:

From Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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